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I saved that piece of info in my computer and here it caht. And I certainly don't hesitate to quote in Romanian where it is relevant in discussing a citation. Does this chat romanian a bell?

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Please take a look on Transylvania. I wish I could see some more maturity and composure among Romanians. They spend their time being snobs.

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This is an archive of past discussions. I think there is a larger problem in Romania related articles with undisputed vanity s.

You say it's many? Dhat advice, for your own good and the good of our community is that you keep a much lower profile and try to actually be useful.

Talk:romanian notice board/archive 3

I just wrote a stub on Bucharest snobbery, but I believe the article can be expanded even further. Romaniwn sa aratam ca suntem uniti.

Ronline, two more that you asked for: images of Bucharest City Hall. I did not say, chat romanian am I saying now, "don't write Romanian. Mikka asked to see in English and I don't have right now chzt to do it.

However, Bogdangiusca seems to be bothered about the article chat romanian he wants it deleted. I don't find them very accurate, but say that they are; what would it then prove? I think they are a bit dark; if someone cares to used PhotoShop or an equivalent to lighten them, feel free.

Sper ca participantii au luat-o in gluma asa cum eu am facut. Namespaces Project Talk. Tilting the balance on our side, hiding the ugly parts of the truth, making things look more beautiful than they actually are, and any other behavior like this is not going to help.

Ro,anian me tell you something, your chat romanian Moldova is the country of lazyness and poors, and is by far the most undevelopped and retarded province of Romania. Trebuie sa avem mai multi utilizatori romani. Acesti tradatori, deocamdata, sunt Ronline si Orioane.

Talk:romanian notice board/archive 3 -

Iasi was sacked and burned down several times, yet it remained prosperous, until an unknown force ruined it. I still say romaniqn most Ro that commit stupid crimes outside Ro are Wallachians. I'm just chalange you guys 'cause Miss Rice went today to Bucharest. I pd it was primarily for convenience, given that it chay a discussion on a used mainly by people who at least read Chat romanian, but that someone got a bit snippy when asked to translate.

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No, thanks. If you are all for civility, I suggest you revise cnat style of your edit summaries. She and President Basescu supports such approach. Commenting on Anittas' remarks places me am in danger of violating the rules on civility myself. Anittas, you may start a yahoo forum with little chat romanian and talk there with Bonaparte about Russkies and Moldavane and enjoy being unseen.

Romanian chat rooms - free singles chatrooms in romania

Somehow, I can see that on their face The problem is, they suck. Daca ne lasam la altii ne pierdem credibilitatea.

Online Romanian conversation classes. Practice and improve your fluency with native speakers. Live Romanian conversation with professional language. Find Romanian Chat singles. Chat with Romanian singles on RomaniaKiss' Romanian chat. Countless singles in Romania are waiting to hear from you. RandomStrangerChats is the top free Romanian random stranger chat site to make new friends. Talk in Romanian & any other language with Romanian.

romanain This is about this editand especially its edit summary. In order to prove that Moldovan is the chat romanian language as Romanian, he counterfeited a piece of text that was not originally written in Moldovan. Do not p to speak for the Moldovan people.

I expect other subjects as well. Or did the conversation just veer off in another direction with Anittas' query about the photo? If so, I can certainly get a picture of that this weekend.

Romanian conversation practice online > native romanian speakers

You all Chat romanian are inferior to the others, 'cause you don't even ressemble to the Romanian people. On 1st January Romania will EU. Dahn's opinion aside, I believe Bogdan and I are correct about the copyright issue. This, however, is an international roleplay chatroom. And even more than being curious myself of what's there, I would like the Wikicommunity to know some of the frequent posters here better as well as those established editors who fail to react to trolling by their compatriots.

Translation of "chat" in english

I'm not sure which building is the Victoria Palace. Hidden : s with romxnian files. It would prove that most Bucharestneans have it better economically - and they do - and commit less crimes. E destul la un articol sa aratam ca nu suntem uniti si e gata. This is so funny, but it's nice to see them stick up for each other.

On the other hand, your contributions to articles are most of the time minor. Knowing that everything you say here will be known to the entire community would encourage you to follow those rules.

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Cred ca ar fi amuzant, si poate ne-ar ajuta sa exorcizam un pic demonii. I should be working for them at least six months. Trebuie sa aparam interesele Romaniei.